Guide through Ognio's first spaceport

The Spaceport

Welcome to Gion Raseno Spaceport. Ognio's oldest spaceport ist named after the 82'th president of our Republic which launched the first space flight program in our history. It started as a launching pad for chemical rockets 80 years ago and serves now freshly renovated as a starting point into many fascinating worlds.

There are 9 gates here at terminal B. Each is assigned to a planet. When a passenger cruiser for the destination is in the orbit the shuttles will be flying for one day to bring the passengers to the ship. A transfer will take 45 minutes.

General security issues:

We have to inform you that every action you take at this spaceport will be monitored by our security computers. That gives you the possibility to visit every part of the spaceport, including the gates and the shuttle ramps, as long as there is no danger for you or our staff. As long as you don't do anything illegal you can be sure that the data we collect will never be used for anything except to improve your security at Gion Raseno Spaceport. We will not give data collected by our security system to third parties if we are not urged by law to do so.

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The part you can see from the departure hall is a lift bringing you down to the shuttle ramp. The ramp itself contains 9 catapult-tunnels for the shuttles.

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Common shuttle for transporting persons.

The shuttles are designed to carry 12 persons from the spaceport to the passenger's cruiser or from the cruiser back to the port. They need 45 minutes for one way and are guided by the computers at the spaceport and at the cruiser. There is also a backup-computer in the shuttle which is able to land you savely if something goes wrong. There will be food, oxygen and energy for several days in the shuttle for the (very unlikely) case you had to land on a moon or another place where it will take some time to pick you up.

Please read the following guidlines before entering a shuttle:

  1. Every kg you take with you costs us a lot of energy. Therefore it is not allowed to take more than one piece of luggage with you. This piece of luguage mustn't exceed a weight of 3kg. There is no place to store bulky items in the shuttle. Heavy or bulky items well be brought to the cruiser by the cargo lifter.
  2. It is not allowed to use electronic devices like portable computers or communication devices during the transfer. In case of an emergency the transfer control center will be able to open a communication channel for you.
  3. Please do not eat, drink or smoke abord the shuttles.

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The cruiser Alo Esane in the orbit of Dre.

There are several companies offering flights to other planets. Most of them do it by using large spaceships which are built in the orbit and will never land on a planet. They stay in the orbit and the shuttles from the various spaceport bring the passengers up there. These cruisers can be very comfortable and carry up to 2000 passengers. Their maximum speed is normally around 70% of light-speed and it will take around 2.5 months to travel from Nuarom to Frim-Eljo.

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Things not allowed abord most cruisers:

These things are strictly disallowed aboard the cruisers or the cargo lifters and will NOT be transported into the orbit:

These things will normally be taken to the cruiser but NOT HANDED TO YOU DURING THE FLIGHT:

In special cases such items can be transportet under strict security conditions. You will have to contact the responsible departments of the companies and governements involved into the transport. There are also companies specialized in dangerous transports.

We will have to report items who are not allowed to possess in the republic of Nyomri to the police!

It is also possible that the shuttles will not let you in if you forgot some medical or administrative formalities. But normally such problems will be reported before you enter the gate.

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Cargo lifter:

A common type of cargo shuttles designed for catapults.

While the shuttles carry the people the cargo lifters carry their luggage. They are also used to transport containers to the frighters. The cargo lifters at Gion Resano Spaceport have their own catapults which have to be longer than the ones for the shuttles because they sometimes carry up to 100 tons. Other spaceports let them start and land vertically at the surface of the planet. The latter system uses more energy but less space.

To have your luggage brought to your ship you just have to place the identity chips in every bag or suit and place it in the designed space in the lift. It will the be loaded in the next lifter and handed back to you in the cruiser.

Things who are not allowed abord the cruiser will be taken out of the suits and stored separately. Please have a look a the list to avoid disappointments.

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Catapult tunnels:

These tunnels are used to give small ships some additional acceleration to take off. The ships are pushed by electromagnetical forces generated by large superconductor-magnets. It is more efficient than letting them take off vertically or by using a runway because there is no fuel needed for the first part of the acceleration.Therefore the ship will a bit less heavy.

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These chips are small electronic memories storing the information needed to bring you and your luggage safely to the desired destination. You will get these chips from your travel agency or directly from the booking computers at the spaceport. We recommend to place a chip in everything you don't want to loose (including jackets, pockets or handbags). If you do that the computer will be able to tell you exactly where one of your chips (and normally also the item it is placed into) is.

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